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Fee Schedule

The fee for your procedure will be determined when you schedule your appointment. Surgical and Medical Abortion fees differ.

We offer a discount for any patient who is a Medicate recipient, Full Time Student or Military Member.

ACWC is a Member of the National Abortion Federation and we are NAF Certified for assisting patients with the cost of the abortion. You can discuss this with the Phone Counselor or you can call
NAF @1-800-772-9100

Postoperative Medications

The Atlanta Center for Women's Choice requires our patients to have medication for optimal recovery after her procedure. We provide prescriptions for the patient to have filled her local pharmacy. We recommend getting the prescriptions filled immediately after surgery to ensure a smooth recovery. 


Comp Fee

A comp fee will be required when a patient is "over" the Height-Weight protocol for general anethesia. Please provide the phone counselor with an accurate height and weight



Rhogam is a shot required when a patient has a negative blood type. Some women are aware of their blood type prior to coming to our facility, others do not find out until blood is taken to determine the patient's suitability for a termination procedure. The shot is vital for a healthy recovery after an abortion or anytime a woman with a negative blood type becomes pregnant.



An Ultrasound determines the gestational age of a pregnancy. At which point a woman can decide if having a procedure is the best choice for her. The patient has the choice of sitting with a counselor to discuss fees and or can discuss alternatives and be referred to local OB/GYNs to continue prenatal care.



Inhalers may be required of a patient with Asthma. After speaking to a nurse, pre-operative instructions will be given. During the scheduling of the appointment the patient is advised to bring her own inhaler to avoid this fee.


Depo Provera

The Depo Provera shot is administered post-operatively to introduce birth control into the system immediately. Other birth control options can be explored during a counseling session on the day of your appointment.